Student Application

Admission Policy

Students who have successfully completed at least one year of English as part of their school studies or one course at a language institute or have other English experience typically satisfy the basic knowledge requirement. Students without basic English skills will not be admitted into regular classes.

To apply, students must: 

• have a basic vocabulary
• understand very simple oral language
• be able to write simple sentences in English

Application Instructions

Your application file will be reviewed only after all the required documents have been received. The following documents can be submitted with this application or sent to the admissions officer that will contact you after you submit this application.

• an official copy of your high school or university grades.

• an official financial support statement from your bank, sponsor or guardian certifying that you have $6,500 in available funds for your first term at INTERLINK.

• a photocopy of your passport (identity page) and of your dependents (if applicable).

After submitting this application you will be contacted and asked to supply a completed credit card authorization form to authorize the payment of a $100.00 non-refundable application fee and an express mail fee of $65.00.  To wire funds, please contact the center you are applying to for instructions.

Where applicable, enter the information exactly as it appears on your passport.

I. Required Information


Please select the center you wish to attend below:


Referral Source



Do not leave any section blank. If there is no State, Province, or Postal Code, write “none.”

Permanent Address

Mailing Address

If not same as permanent, enter mailing address below.

Emergency Contact

II. Academic Information

Standardized English test


Rank your English Ability


Rank housing options in order of your preference

INTERLINK can only guarantee housing availability in on-campus residence halls (dormitories).


Supporting Documents

If you have these documents ready, please attach them here.
If you do not have these document ready, you can submit them later in your application process.
Click "Affidavit" at the bottom of the Student Application Process page to download the financial support affidavit form.

III. Family Members

You only need to complete this section if family members
will be accompanying you to the United States.

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