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Construction Site Safety Technician Requirement: Student's must apply in person, have a minimum of 4 years experience in an industry related craft and must provide a resume to be enrolled.


I hereby authorize the Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend (CTCCB) and the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) to verify and/or release my training records to my employer and/or other third party upon request, (as defined in the CTCCB program guidelines) and agree to hold the CTCCB and the NCCER harmless for said release or verification of my training records. I certify that I have read, understand, and agree to the above release agreement terms.

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I understand and agree that as long as I am a student at the Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend (CTCCB) I will be required to take and pass scheduled random drug screens at the sole discretion of CTCCB. I understand that if I refuse or fail a drug screen at any time I will be asked to leave the premises immediately and I will not be eligible to apply for enrollment at CTCCB for a period of 1 year from the date of notification of the failed or refused drug screen.



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Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend, hereafter referred to as "CTCCB" and the person whose signature is affixed hereto, hereafter referred to as "STUDENT" (which includes the parent/guardian if the student is under the age of 18), mutually agree that there are many advantages to using alternative dispute resolution to settle any and all legal disputes, disagreements and claims, including, but not limited to, those arising from Student’s training or skills assessment process.
The parties mutually agree that this document shall govern the resolution of all claims and/or disputes between STUDENT and CTCCB. CTCCB and STUDENT, by the authorized signatures below, mutually contract and agree that, each, every, any and all claims, disputes and/or controversies, now existing, or hereafter arising, including the arbitrability of any claim, dispute or controversy shall be exclusively resolved by the parties first trying to settle by mediation, and failing which, by final and binding arbitration.
Unless specifically and mutually agreed otherwise, the mediation and/or arbitration shall be administered by the rules of the American Arbitration Association, and shall be pursuant to the provisions of, and jurisprudence interpreting, the Federal Arbitration Act and/or the Texas Alternative Dispute Resolutions Act, whichever shall have the broadest effect.
The Arbitrator(s) shall be the sole and exclusive determiner of jurisdiction. Judgment upon any award may be entered in any federal or state court having jurisdiction thereof.
The parties shall agree upon one mediator and/or arbitrator. The mediation and/or arbitration shall take place in Nueces County, Texas. Each party shall pay for its share of the cost of mediation and/or arbitration.
In no event shall fees and/or expenses be placed on STUDENT if the arbitrator finds that STUDENT would experience extreme hardship or a limitation of legal rights under this Agreement.
This dispute resolution agreement shall be used for all claims, controversies or disputes whether arising under or based on the Constitution, Statutes, Code(s), Ordinances, Regulations, Orders, and/or Common Law of the United States, or of any State, and all subdivisions of either; and/or are based on claims or theories of contract, quasi-contract, personal injury, tort, offenses, quasi-offenses or otherwise including, but not limited to, all claims, disputes, or controversies relating to Student’s training or skills assessment process.
While both CTCCB and STUDENT retain all subsequent legal rights and remedies under this Agreement, CTCCB and STUDENT are both waiving all rights which either may have with regard to trial, whether jury or nonjury, in State or Federal Court, for any covered claim.
The term CTCCB, as used in this agreement, means CRAFT TRAINING CENTER OF THE COASTAL BEND, its parents, subsidiaries, and all related entities, including all officers, directors, employees, agents, subcontractors, vendors, insurers, benefit plans, benefit plan sponsors, fiduciaries, administrators, or affiliates of any of the above, and their respective successors and assigns.
The term "STUDENT" as used in this agreement, means the individual whose signature is affixed hereto, and his or her heirs, spouse, representatives, successors, and assigns.
CTCCB and STUDENT acknowledge that they have had sufficient time to review and consider signing this agreement and that it is clearly understood that this is a MUTUALLY BINDING CONTRACT and that any questions or concerns about it should be referred to an attorney prior to signing it.
The parties to this agreement recognize and agree that CTCCB is engaged in business affecting and using the instruments of interstate commerce.
Each clause, provision, sentence and paragraph of this agreement is severable and should any be determined to be invalid or unenforceable, then those that are valid, or are capable of being enforced shall be, and shall remain in full force and effect.
The parties expressly agree that the terms of this dispute resolution agreement shall survive any and all terminations of the student relationship, and shall be binding on the heirs, spouse(s), representatives, successors and assigns of the parties hereto.
This agreement incorporates the entire agreement of the parties and amends, replaces, and supersedes any other agreements, written or oral, if any exist, and may not be changed or varied except in writing and signed by all parties.

I have read and understand this agreement and unconditionally accept the terms set forth herein.

NCCER Registration and Release Form

To be entered in NCCER’s Registry, you must complete and sign this form. Records containing trainee/participant personal information, including but not limited to score reports, training prescriptions, and transcripts, cannot be distributed until this form has been completed.


*To enter into the NCCER National Registry, ONE of the following numbers needs to be provided: Social Security Number, NCCER Card Number, or State DOE Student Number. Once you are entered into the system, you will be given an NCCER Card Number to use in the future. (System Generated Numbers are no longer an option.) Pipeline users MUST use their Social Security Number. If you choose to use the State DOE Student number, this must first be added into the NCCER Registry System as an approved “Alternate I.D. Type.” Please work with your sponsor representative to ensure your state I.D. Type has been added into the system.


I hereby authorize NCCER to verify information in my training and/or assessment records, which may include any of the personal information provided on this form, to the Sponsor Representative/Primary Administrator upon request. I release and hold harmless NCCER for this verification process.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing Consent and Release Initial Enrollment and Random Testing

All applicants must read and sign to be considered for admission (Applicants under Age 18 must also have Parent or Guardian Signature for drug and alcohol testing)

I understand that in order to be considered for admission into the CTCCB training program I must consent to the administration of mandatory drug and/or alcohol tests to determine the presence or absence of drugs, synthetic drugs and/or alcohol in my system.

I understand I will also be subject to random testing as long as I am part of the CTCCB program. This is in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the CTCCB Controlled Substance and Alcohol Abuse Policy. I understand samples for testing will be processed by an accredited laboratory designated by the CTCCB in accordance with state and federal laws. I understand that though test result specifics will be kept confidential, I will be notified if the test results come back positive for drugs, synthetic drugs or alcohol. I understand that all specimens collected from me shall be from my own body and will not be altered or adulterated in any manner. I further understand that if my test results are confirmed as positive and I do not have a current prescription for the substance or the alcohol content is above the level accepted by the CTCCB, I will be immediately removed from the CTCCB training program. I also understand that if any sample I provide proves to have been tampered with or adulterated in any way or if I refuse to submit a sample for testing, I will be immediately removed from the CTCCB program without further consideration for training. If an applicant is a minor, the parent or guardian will be notified of the ineligibility of said minor upon his/her being removed from the program as a result for testing positive for illegal drugs, synthetic drugs, or alcohol according to CTCCB policies. Test results will not be used to pursue any sort of criminal investigation. I have read, understand and agree to the CTCCB Drug and Alcohol Testing policies and hereby consent to the administration of said drug and alcohol testing under the terms and conditions of CTCCB policies on Controlled Substance and Alcohol Abuse.

Please type your name as an electronic signature to consent to Drug and Alcohol Testing and Release Initial Enrollment and Random Testing


Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend Video/Photography Release

I understand and agree that if this release is intended for a student under the age of 18, the references “I” and “me” will have the following meaning: “The parent/guardian agrees to the terms or conditions on the minor’s behalf”.

I hereby consent for the Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend (CTCCB) to use any image of myself including the identification of myself in any such photographs or videos in any promotion, advertising, marketing and social media.

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Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend Medical Release Form

In case of emergency, I grant permission to the Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend staff to seek and authorize medical care for myself or my child who is under the age of 18. I understand that the Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend staff has permission to take myself or my child to the closest medical provider.

Please type your name as an electronic signature to consent to The Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend Medical Release Form

Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend Student Handbook

The Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend (CTCCB) will not be responsible for damage to personal property, or personal injury, that may result from a student’s failure to use proper PPE, failure to follow proper safety procedures or any other violation of or failure to adhere to the policies and procedures listed in the student handbook.

I have received the CTCCB Student Handbook, including Returning Student Enrollment and Payment Deadlines and Refund Policies. In the event I have questions or concerns. I will be provided the opportunity to ask for clarification on policies, procedures, responsibilities, enrollment/payment deadlines and refund policies as set forth in the CTCCB Student Handbook. I fully understand and agree to abide by CTCCB policies, procedures, and responsibilities as an attending student of the Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend.

The CTCCB Board of Directors and or/ CTCCB Administration reserves the right to amend, alter, delete or modify any part of this publication at any time, in any manner, without prior notice, as is allowed by law and deemed necessary by the Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend.

CTCCB - Student Handbook

Please print your name as an electronic signature to agree to the terms and conditions of The Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend's Student Handbook