The following application is for use of prospect students seeking admission into Future-Tech Institute’s Professional Nursing Degree Program (ADN). Please request a current school catalog or visit our website for all information from admission, registration, student rights and responsibilities, program information, tuition and other fees, calendars, school information, etc. and ask any questions you might have. Fill out this form truthfully and to the best of your knowledge and a school official will contact you as soon as possible to discuss enrollment. A $50 Application Fee is due at the time of submission of this application. Fee subject to change without notice.


FTI will maintain the privacy of your SSN and never release it to unauthorized parties in compliance with state and federal laws. 


By providing your cell phone number and email you are opted in to receive text and email messages from Future-Tech Institute.


Emergency Contact:


Ethnic Data- These items are used to satisfy State/Federal reporting requirements and/or statistical records, and do not affect the admission decision.


Previous Education: Official transcript must be mailed directly to FTI from institution where credit was earned to be considered for transfer


Desired session for enrollment may depend on occupancy availability at the time of your Enrollment, not just Application. Furthermore, dates and times may change based as deemed need by FTI from term to term. Clinical Practices are done at clinical sites and days may vary.



Please make sure to check with your Admissions Officer for applicable deadlines, guidelines, policies, approvals needed, and/or requirements for the following options. Additional fees apply for each process, currently $100 each, which MUST be paid at the time of application in order to be processed as part of the application. Otherwise, you are applying as a FULL program student to complete all credits at FTI.

EVALUATION OF CREDITS FOR TRANSFER. Submitting Official Transcripts from other institution for review for credit transfer.

I understand I have access to the School catalog on the School website and have been guided to access it online for all additional detailed admission requirements, program information, graduation requirements, student’s rights and responsibilities, etc. prior to signing an Enrollment Agreement.

EVALUATION OF CREDITS FOR TRANSFER. Submitting Official Transcripts from other institutions for review for credit transfer.



In order to be accepted into the Nursing Program (ADN), an applicant must meet the following requirements:

1. Eligibility: Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or Legal Resident.

2. Education:
Applicant must submit a High School Diploma (or equivalent in their country of origin) or GED. FTI reserves the right to accept or deny an applicant’s credential at the Academic Director’s discretion if deemed or considered questionable in validity or authenticity.

3. Age:
Applicant must be 18 years of age, or 16 with parental consent (signature).

4. Admission Interview:
Applicant must request and set up an appointment to undergo an admission interview with the Academic/Program Director. The student will be expected to explain his or her goals and desired career path in the nursing field. The Academic/Program Director will evaluate the applicant’s ability to communicate satisfactorily as required by the health care delivery system and ensure the applicant is well suited for the program of study. The Academic/Program Director must recommend applicant for admission. Please check with an Admissions Officer regarding deadlines for Application and Enrollment.

5. Credit Transfer:
Applicants MUST let FTI know they would like previously earned credits evaluated for possible credit transfer when applying for enrollment and prior to signing an Enrollment Agreement, since the agreement will be signed for the total number of credits the student must complete at FTI. This won’t be adjusted once singed to include adjustment based on credits previously earned which were not submitted for evaluating before enrollment. For more specific information and criteria, please see the “Transfer of Credit” policy. *The Evaluation of Previously Earned Credits Fee is: $100. This fee is due at the time of submitting for Credit Evaluation. Submitting for previously earned credits and paying the fee does not guarantee the acceptance of credit transfers. Recommendation and approval to test must be received from Academic/Program Director.

6. Background Check:
Applicant must undergo a background check (FBI background check for 7 years AND Local, Miami-Dade County, Background check). If applicant has a recent history of chemical abuse, or an arrest record indicating the same, he/she will be required to contact the Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN). Based on the evaluation results of IPN the applicant may be asked to enter into a contractual agreement for services with IPN. Failure to enter into the stipulated contract and/or to comply with any of the requirements of the contract will result in denial of admission into the program.

7. Drug Screen:
10 Panel Drug Screen completed through COMPLIO.

8. Essay:
Effective January 2021, any new applicants must complete an essay portion of the application process, which will be evaluated by the Academic Director, ADN Program Director, and/or other School Officials or instructors for revision and consideration. Essay Must be submitted with Application for Admission for review prior to scheduling Admission Interview.



The screening and immunization requirements listed below must be completed as stated in order for you to complete your clinical rotations. Clinical Requirements    (Complio) are not part of your tuition fee or any monies disbursed to the school, however are mandatory in order to complete your clinical rotations, which are a    required part of the Professional Nursing Degree Program.

You need to complete 2 sections as follow:


   ● FBI background check for 7 years    ● Urine Drug Screen (UDS) 10 Panel    ● Local State Background

SCREENING: AHCA fingerprinting

PPD: If you test negative for Tuberculin exposure, you must submit a negative 2-step PPD from within the last year. The two PPDs must be read 7-21 days apart.
MMR: If you test positive for Tuberculin exposure, you must submit a negative Chest X-Ray. You must submit positive titers for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. If you have a non-positive titer, you must submit 2 doses of the MMR vaccine after your titer.
Varicella: You must submit A or B: A) Positive Varicella Titer. B) 2 doses of the Varicella vaccine
Hep B: You must submit A or B: A) Positive Hepatitis B Titer. If your titer is not positive, you must submit 3 doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine after your titer. B) Hepatitis B Declination.FUTURE-TECH INSTITUTE: PROFESSIONAL NURSE PROGRAM (ADN) APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION Page 3 of 4 FTI-ADN-APPLICATION 2019 (Rev. JAN 2021)
TD: You must submit a TD or Tdap from the last 10 years
Flu shot: You must submit a flu shot for the current flu season. Your flu shot must be received on August 1st or later to be considered to be for the current flu season. You must enter the date you received your flu shot, along with the vaccine lot number, the facility administering the vaccine, etc. If for any reason such as allergies, pregnancy, or other medical condition, you cannot get the proper vaccine, please go to your Doctor’s Office and ask for a written explanation to submit.
TB test: If this test is “positive”, you may need a chest X-ray or Quantiferon.

IN-SERVICES: you need to have the following continuing education:
● OSHA   ● HIPPA   ● Infection Control   ● HIV

If you need any of the previously mentioned in-services you can go to, create an account and get it.

CPR: MUST be AHA approved and uploaded correctly to COMPLIO.




Future-Tech Institute may take photos/videos within the school premises or at school related events elsewhere, FTI might use these for public relation purposes (website, FTI media pages, flyers, tv, etc.), training, evaluation, or other purposes it deems necessary to promote and help the growth and betterment of the program offered. Please be aware that entering the school premises or participating in a school related event, is an acknowledgement that you consent with your image being photographed or filmed and used as detailed herein.


Applicant must undergo an official background check in addition to answering the following questions. Future-Tech Institute looks forward to your graduation, upon which you will be eligible to apply for a state or national certification exam. Answering “YES” to any of the questions in this section, does not necessarily mean you are not eligible to apply for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Failure to answer this section accurately, however, will prevent you from being admitted into the program.


Have you EVER been convicted of, or entered a plea of guilty, no contendere, or no contest to, a crime in any jurisdiction other than a minor traffic offense? You must include all misdemeanors, felonies, and juvenile offenses, even if adjudication was withheld. Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI) is not a minor traffic offense for purposes of this question.


If YES, you must provide FTI a written explanation and copies of all official documentation of the incident explaining the final disposition of the proceedings, prior to the continuation of the application process.

You do not need to disclose information about minor traffic violations unless the traffic offense involved illegal drugs or alcohol, or if any person was killed or hospitalized as a result of an accident, in which you were charged for a traffic violation.

You do not need to disclose information regarding any criminal offense record that has been obliterated to applicable law.

You must disclose information if charges were dropped or not prosecuted because you were granted any type of pretrial diversion.

The Florida Board of Nursing and clinical agencies require the disclosure of conviction records for misdemeanors and/or felonies. Future-Tech Institute requires this information at the time of admission. Applicants are required to submit to state and federal background checks at the time of admission. In addition, some clinical agencies require drug testing on entry to the agency. Findings in background checks may affect a prospect student’s participation in clinical experiences and hinder him/her from completing the program, and/or keep them from attaining registered nurse licensure. If you have any questions about the background check, please contact your Admission Officer.




TUITION AND FEES Check school catalog for Terms and Conditions for Items Included in Tuition and other policies.








Full Program Cost: 75 credits X $475: $35,625.00 Plus, Application and Student Materials Package Fees: TOTAL: $40,483.00 Includes the program tuition fee plus application fee

Partial Program Cost (Transfer Students): Based on number of credits needed to complete program, after any transferable credits have been applied, times current cost per credit plus application and pro-rated Student Materials Package fees to cover the terms student will complete at FTI. Note there is a maximum number of credits that will be accepted for credit transfer and additional terms that apply, please check the policy












I understand this is the first step to becoming accepted into Future-Tech Institute’s Professional Nursing Degree (ADN) program. I understand I must provide FTI with all documentation, including official transcripts, recommendation letters, and all other required information in order for the application to be processed. I have gone over school policies, requirements for satisfactory progress through graduation, student rights and responsibilities, and all other information, which will affect my success of the program at FTI. By signing this application, I authorize Future-Tech Institute to review all necessary documentation for the admission process chosen on this application. I understand that FTI officials to determine my status for admission eligibility will rely upon the information I have submitted. I authorize FTI to verify the information I have provided. I agree to notify officials of any change in the information provided. I certify that the information on this application is complete and correct and understand that the submission of false information is grounds for rejection, reversal of acceptance, cancellation of enrollment, or initiation of disciplinary action. I understand the Application Fee ($50.00) must be submitted along with this Application for Admission Form.